Sunday, January 15, 2006

Men, weed, Hall & Oates

I've been reliving my teenage years and finally appreciating the eighties.

There. I've said it.

I hold my hands up to having THE MOMENT.

You never think it will happen in your life time.

The moment when cable channels like Magic (who the f***) and VH1 start to really mean something.

Hall & Oates are doing it for me at the moment."She's Gone" is playing as I type.

I feel shame. Yet I have none. Simultaneously.


Yes. Well. Cough.

A thought that is running in my mind also is, that men should not smoke weed if they want to have sex. Or anything similar.

Especially when they know it's good stuff.

That will eff you up.

Can you tell me what the point of that is?

Apart from being bloody selfish?


Stef said...

I only know of one person who listens to Magic FM and that's Jeremy Clarkson, quite possibly the biggest tosser in the country... Step away from the 80s!

This thought about men and weed, something close to your heart at the moment is it? ;-)

Happybutterfly said...

:-)It was last night!

Stef said...

Or wasn't as the case may be ;-)

Gordy said...

School boy error.
Weed is for listening to music.
Resin is for sex.