Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How to pull a Bollywood babe

That is the question. It appears all the fashion in Worthing to find Thai brides at the drop of a hat but what about Indian babes ? Obviously I don't wish to marry a Bollywood babe but to have a taste of a beautiful babe like this lurrrvely lady would be faaaaabulous.

Am I asking for a bit much? Posted by Picasa


Stef said...

Asking for former Miss Worlds usually falls into the 'asking a bit much' category. ;-) I certainly haven't mastered that technique.

She is lurrrvely though, I'll grant you that.

Happybutterfly said...

why thank you kind sir, finally we agree on someone;-)

Jag said...

I agree with both of Stef: Yes, it is asking for a bit too much and yes she's lovely. Indian babes are the best, and she's one of the bestest.

Some Aishwarya linky here:

When I saw her for real (OK from a distance):

My bus and Aish - two of my favourite things:

Normal curves - a mathematical treatment featuring Aishwarya. Concentrate please.

My review of Bride & Prej:

Bollywood "formula" blog post featuring Aish:

You can prob tell by now that I am her number one fan.

Stef said...

Blimey. Little keen there aren't we? ;-)

Happybutterfly said...