Sunday, February 26, 2006

Visually nice tottie is always great - Verity Sharp

I am only watching comedy at the moment. Which is to be expected. So MTV Live is fantastic for a laugh. Last night though, I paused and changed tactic and wanted some good ole fashion eye candy.

Introducing....VeritySharp from the Culture Show. I think that yes, she has the same 'thing' that I'm always gushing on about , as Sarah Beenie.

I'm just amazed how she can look so different in each shot. (Some photos on the web, I have to admit, she looks a bit minging, but I'll let her off;-)).

How she looks on The Culture Show is just perfect for me.

(she says, licking lips, and drooling).


Stef said...

I can kinda see the appeal... Not really doing it for me although the picture bottom left is pretty fine. I like the whole dangling fringe thing she's got going on.

OK, here's a question for you. What 2 celebrities -as they are now- would you like to have a 3some with?

I haven't asked myself this question in a while so I'll have a think and pop back and post my answer when I come to a decision.

Stef said...

Thought about it.

Audrey Tautou
Laura Prepon


Happybutterfly said...

Oh God! You have got me all hot and bothered with this Audrey lovely and Laura I didn't like in the first link but the Laura 2 photo I would not kick her out of bed! D'ya know I have wanted to post but was doing my head in thinking about the threesome question you put to me and it got a bit messy in my head! I will post tonight or tomorrow the answer:-)

Stef said...

Now I'm intrigued!

Audrey is a goddess and no questions. Laura is a bit of an aquired taste. You have to like redheads (which I do) but she's one of those people who's got a really vibrant personality that works best in action. *ahem* Photos don't necessarily do her justice.

Check out That 70s Show if you don't believe me. Hot as fuck! The show's quite funny too which is a bonus.

Stef said...

I'm still waiting for your celebrity threesome...