Friday, October 01, 2004

Shabby show I know

There I was blabbing off my mouth about how I would attempt to write much, much more on a really regular basis, and..I have slacked:-(

Girl action is absolutely appalling. Worthing is a weird little place in this respect. Everyone hides. What they feel. What they are into. I don't know if this is just an English thing, or a Worthing, town mentality. It feels a bit like Munich in that respect.

What makes things even more difficult is that two good personals sites, namely Yahoo and Loopylove, have a few girls on there wanting sex, but I just can't get at 'em! Arrgh!


I have my biggest gripe with Yahoo as they still only accept credit cards. Not everyone on this planet has credit cards. Not everyone is American, and neither does everyone have patience.

Loopylove on the other hand, accepts my card but most of the girls that are 'apparently interested' in me, live millions and zillions of miles away.

How annoying.

Another little 'thing' that I have noticed is this blogs profile views. 200 profile views. Who are these people? The silent ones who never leave a message on the answerphone either I suspect? I am curious about the silent ones.

You see, when I call someone up and they have an answermachine, I chat for hours:-) Or at least until their tape runs out!Hehe;-)

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Robb Heaton said...

i guess i'm one of those people who view your profile and leave no trace of who i am! But then you know who i am cos you comment on my blog - cheers!