Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Music sounds better in my head (apparently)

In my title I was about to use the word alledgedly (hmm had to think about the spelling on that one!), then I thought better becuase didn't want to confuse myself with the attempt of the possibility of suing myself. Could become far too entertaining for myself. I hate that in news 'items'. That word. Alledgedly. People are just too scared to say the truth these days. Fear of sueage. Yep just made that word up. Will not be using spellcheck this time. I'm not scared, I'm not scared. Fact is, am far too into the music that is not being blagged and bragged about. The music that is rocking without moving the television. The unsung albums that people (usually thirtysomethings) know are rocking and don't need the confirmation. So. My head is rocking completely to Kelis. Yes. Her. Her who tries too hard in these latest video offerings, for what reason I have not yet figured out. But.

The track is : Attention. Album. Tasty. Artist. Kelis.


As an aside. TextGirl (oh she with the breasts only a man dared dream about being in the middle of, until me that is), has lost the plot. I don't think it was to do with interacting with me. Really:-)

Turn left, (can't have another aside now can we?), exgirlfriend in Munich is really, really on one. Which is just the behaviour that all men do (the exes), when they find out that we have another:-)

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pashers said...

I completely agree with the irritating use of the word "allegedly" - just say what you mean! If you know it happened then say it, if you don't say "I've heard that..." or "It's rumoured that..." and if you're making it up, just keep it stumm!

Solidarity on the making words up front, by the way.