Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lynden David Hall anniversary

Here I am again, another year on, not knowing how I feel exactly. Alone in my grief as this year my mum is at her house (far too many memories there to visit for me thank you very much), and the Third Girl (not mentioned her yet) is off on an adventure in South America. Normally we are all together and playing his songs and talking about him. This year I am on my own.

It feels weird.

It still feels sad.
Unbelievable that he is gone.
And am still filled with a bad taste in my mouth and mind over the wife choice of my brother.

I am not really into what other people say about forgive and forget stuff, especially as I am a Scorpio:-)

But Facebook is interesting now as she (the widow) has removed me as a friend:-) It feels a bit odd actually being removed as a friend but whatever.

On one hand am happy about that and on the other hand (probably the left one) I am pissed because the Number One enemy I wanted to watch I can no longer do so.


I am evil.

Or am I?

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