Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vomit in the city

If people wish to be pedantic, the title should really read 'Vomit in the town' because one hundred thousand people doesn't quite equate to city just yet.

Nevertheless my point is that there are some seriously sick people around at the moment. For the last couple of days, every single street that I am walking on has patches of vomit strewn across my path. It is no mean feat trying to manoeuvre with a three wheel buggy and kid in tow.

Two steps further along will inevitably be the poo that is from dog.

Either there are some real bad drugs going around this town at the moment, (in which case my favourite buddies The Ole Bill, need to get into action), or there is just one big, bad mean mo fo running around town winding me up with their smelly arse and bad gut.

Worthing is such a lovely place..

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