Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Egged on Halloween

You wait til I get my hands on the effing twats who egged my house just because we said no trick and no treat either. To 'get egged', for those who are not in the know, means that a bunch of idiots throw raw eggs in their shells at you/your house/your car *delete as applicable, FOR FUN.



Wait til next year.

I've got some reverse psychology planned for them I tell ya.


Trouble said...

Kinda makes that 8 bucks worth'a candy from Costco seem like not such a bad investment huh? Muahahahahahahah!

Happy hollowein.

Trouble said...

Sorry... Tesco...

Stef said...

That is one advantage of living in a flat. We haven't had to deal with trick or treaters for years.