Monday, September 06, 2004

Text Girl Deletion

Am all silent with TextGirl as she obviously cannot cope with life or without drugs. After two weeks I finally understood her on the telephone. You know why?

Because she had no money to buy drugs so she was as straight as the line.

Was a bit scary for me really.

At this point I have to say I am pro drugs. Precisely because they fuck you up and if you wanna go to the extreme of being completely fucked up, then go for it. Me, on the same, not the other, hand, got fucked on drugs and love to go back for more.

Nuff said.

Except I have just moved and am now in a fantabulous house instead of a flat. It's big. Airy. Spacious. And simply begging for a party!

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Robb Heaton said...

Hello. you sometime visit my blog, and i thought i might come have snoop around yours - it's very nice.
It might take me a while to go through your archives, but i'll give it a go and leave comments here and there.