Thursday, July 08, 2004

Fly the flag why don't ya!

I am not American and do not wish to be. I think to understand an American is exactly on a par with trying to understand Catholics or Muslims. Or even Christian. I think you have to be one to 'get it'. As one not being particularly keen on Americans, I can say from one experience (which equals 100 percent) that the best shag I had with a girl was with an American lost and wandering in Munich. She was a dominatrix with a whip. Good looking. Sparkly, twinkling, naughty eyes and all the experience you could wish for. She tied me up and blindfolded me in 0 - 60 so fast, you just about managed to catch your next breath. She was good. Very, very good.

Movie am watching and no one else should: The Rock

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regen ende said...

i had a potato. don't want to go to sleep. i'm tired and in pain (but this is not a comment on your blog, right?)
well... i liked it. a lot. made me feel hungry and... well... lonely. lonely and deliciuos... i'll stop now.